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Support DIAPERGAP Campaign! (#DiaperGap)

#DiaperNeed is real. Help us close the #DiaperGap & make sure every baby has the diapers they need!
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Many ‘Awesome Moms’ battle to provide the basic necessity of diapers for their babies and they need your help.  Support DiaperGap & #DiaperBank programs across the country.  A $5 donation can provide 1 week’s worth of diapers for a baby; a $20 donation will provide a 1 month’s supply of diapers.

When you donate to support DIAPERGAP campaign by Clear Charity, we will support your local Diaper Bank!

Your donation is tax deductible up to maximum allowed by IRS regulation. & Support DIAPERGAP campaign is operated by Clear Charity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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